Short Term Rental

Choosing where to retire is an important decision.
Take your time with our short-term rental program.

You promised yourself that you’d continue to live the good life. Now our short-term rental program gives you a carefree way to explore all Ferris Hills has to offer.
We look forward to welcoming you home to the freedom and fun of the Ferris Hills lifestyle.

Rent a furnished, one-bedroom apartment and enjoy:

  • Continental breakfast each day
  • Choice of restaurant-style lunch or dinner daily
  • Housekeeping
  • Fitness center and walking trails
  • Social and educational events
  • Full kitchen, washer and dryer included
  • Starting at $2,500 per month for one person; additional fee for 2nd person is $760

Call today to arrange for a personal tour.

Rental opportunity is for 30 days only and based on availability.


Come Stay Awhile

After almost 40 years of living in Watkins Glen, Bill and Hope Moffett were thinking of downsizing when they heard about an informational luncheon Ferris Hills was hosting and decided to check it out.

There, the Moffetts learned of our rental program, which allows seniors to rent a furnished apartment for three months with no obligation.

“It was daunting to think about making that decision without really knowing what life would be like, so the opportunity to try it out was just fantastic,” Hope says. During their rental stay, the couple knew they’d found their new home. “It’s a wonderful place to live,” Hope says.

Hope says while most residents drive, it’s nice to take advantage of the transportation when it comes to taking  in a Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra performance at Eastman Theatre or a show at the Smith Opera House in Geneva, for example.

The Moffetts are doing a little more of those things than they would be had they stayed in their home, and a lot less of the mundane tasks involved with taking care of a house. As Hope puts it, “We downsized our stress but expanded our opportunities.”